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Locating the right Cape Coral fence company, can sometimes be challenging. Before you can secure your backyard, you need a dependable fencing contractor.

At Cape Coral Gates and Fence, we offer experienced builders and affordable pricing. There’s much more that makes us the best, so continue reading to learn more.

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You might think it’s rude if they start laughing, but they did you a favor. If a Cape CoralFL, the contractor won’t offer a free estimate, they aren’t worth it.

While some discounts infuriate companies more than others, quotes are a common occurrence. If they won’t schedule a no-cost consultation, they likely don’t have the experience.

Instead, we keep your pricing lower and include a complimentary in-person consultation. When other services don’t make it easy to compare costs, you need a better option.

Before you blindly hire a “cheap” fencing contractor, know your final costs now. Don’t settle for anyone unwilling to offer a quote and choose us today.

Ensure That They are a Licensed and Insured Cape Coral Contractor

One mistake more homeowners will make is assuming a contractor has full licensing. It isn’t until they, or others, get injured that you learn the truth.

If that happens, you could find yourself liable for medical costs and claims. In the end, that cheap fencing contractor will only stick you with higher expenses.

An unlicensed service provider likely doesn’t have the needed professional tools, either. That could mean your project takes twice as long as an inexperienced contractor.

When you need a thoroughly licensed and insured team of local fence builders, call us. We’re entirely compliant with all contractor requirements for safer projects every day.

Weigh their Potential Issues, Quality, and Pricing

You could ask 100 homeowners what matters most for fencing and get just as many answers. In the end, the factors that mean the most to you should be weighed more.

For instance, if you need the best value possible, you can’t focus on price alone. A company may charge more upfront but offer improved cost savings after installation.

Inform yourself about the difficulty of your installation, as well as potential setbacks. By learning more about their needs, you can enjoy higher quality in the end.

Can the Cape Coral Fence Company Show You Any Examples?

As a building contractor service, many people forget to ask for a fencing portfolio. While they might not have a digital gallery online, they should have something to show you.

If someone can’t brag about their previous jobs, they might not have finished well. Or, they might have only recently gone into business, making you their first customer.

Experienced service providers should have at least a few images ready to show. If they don’t, you might need to consider hiring someone else instead.

When you need an expert team of fencing contractors, request past examples. You can see ours and learn more about our most recent projects today.

Discuss with Them any Potential Issues with Utilities and More

Everyone has seen the notices urging them to call before they start digging. The reason is that you can’t always know where utilities run underground.

One wrong use of a shovel, pickaxe, or posthole digger could cause injury. Or, it might lead to a utility blackout for you and your neighbors.

Before you try and take shortcuts with any DIY projects, call us. We ensure a safer, more reliable contractor on every job you have.

See why more area homeowners prefer our fence building contractors now. For additional consumer questions, contact Cape Coral Gates and Fence.