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This is one of the more interesting projects that we get a chance to work with. There really are a lot of aspects that we want people to think about in this case. It is not just about the looks you need privacy fencing. Are you really going to be comfortable walking around the pool with a fence so up close? Spacing really becomes a factor here. We would hate to finish up a gate and then have you realize that you really wanted a couple of steps back. So there are a couple of interesting decisions that you are going to need to make!

For ultimate safety, a traditional fence should be the first line of defense. This is especially important because it can prevent neighborhood children from accessing the pool. Local and state regulations often dictate the height, style, and gates for traditional fences. However in general, options range from wooden privacy to metal wrought-iron designs. These fences are more durable but costlier than a mesh fence. Part of the cost is due to the extra linear footage, since this fence does not follow a pool’s perimeter. Skilled do-it-yourselfers should be able to install all these fences, except the glass one.

What Is Your Main Goal?

There are different reasons that lead people to look for this type of privacy fencing. Either they are actually looking for more privacy, or they want to keep their kids out. In other cases, we have had people that just like the look. We are not going to judge your reasons. What we do say to all of our clients is that they should really keep in mind what their main goal is. If you really want privacy don’t build a small see-through gate. You may want to box-out your pool a little more!

Spacing Is Key

When it comes to privacy fencing we have seen and quite frankly even built some fences that we are not too proud of. That was mainly because the client insisted that they wanted to keep the gate very close to the edge of the pool. We really urge people to think this one through. If you have the gate almost directly over the pool it is very easy to have kids that are playing around get hurt. You can even bump your head when trying to get out. That is one of the reasons we usually advise that people take a little more time figuring out the space that they want to keep from the pool to the gate.

All-Around Safety

One of the other key factors that we want to take into consideration is the safety aspect of things. We need to make sure that if we are building the gate to keep people out the gate is able to do just that. You can add certain features to the opening and closing mechanisms like locks to make sure that they are safe. Also just as a side note, having enough room both inside and outside the gate can help keep you safe!

What Should It Be Made Out Of?

This is a really good question. For the most part, people will ask that their fences be made out of steel or aluminum. Wood is one of the least popular materials for this type of work. Unless you happen to have wooden flooring. Then it actually works pretty well. As you can probably tell we really don’t have a preference as to what type of materials you would want us to use. If you want to see examples of our past projects to get a better idea of what things could look like don’t hesitate to give us a call. Find out many more details about us.
When it comes to privacy fencing we can guaranty a quality service and durable installation. So if you are looking for a privacy fencing contractor, don’t hesitate to call us.

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