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Since we build all sorts of gates and fences it is tough for us to play favorites. Since we don’t want to come off as we are riding off a specific type of fence. Not only is it bad for our business, but it is also not true. There are also fencing laws that must be followed with regard to fencing in Cape Coral, FL. So be sure to check that link and be informed.

We say that because we really believe that the main reason that we continue to offer so many different services is the fact that people keep asking for them! Sorry, for the long prologue, let’s bring vinyl fences in here! They are the type of, fences that can mimic different styles or even take a look of their own. That usually means that there is a lot that they have to offer!

Is Vinyl Fencing Durable?

Right off the bat, we wanted to start clearing up a lot of the doubts that we know that people have when it comes to vinyl. There are different types of materials out there that look like vinyl we guess and are not so durable so people think that the same thing is going to be used on their fence. In our experience, a lot of people go with vinyl over things like wood because it is actually considered low maintenance and durable. Glad we squashed those rumors!

Where Would We Recommend Places Vinyl Fencing and Gates?

We have a knack for identifying specific places for things. What we mean by that specifically in our business, for example, is, wooden fences go on backyards. We don’t always say that, but we find ourselves thinking that way at times. Just because sort of pop culture has made it that way. In reality, we have built vinyl fences for the backyard as front gates as privacy fences for pools vinyl is actually very versatile!

Versatile Vinyl

We just mentioned this, and we thought it would be a great idea to stay on the subject. The way that we see it vinyl fences and chain link fence is one of the most customizable types of fences. We say that, because you can shape them differently you can color them all sorts of different colors and you can put them basically wherever you would want to.
We would love to say that this is true for every type of, fence, and technically yes, but there are certain types of fences that we have to admit just don’t go well everywhere. You can put them there, a chainlink fence adorning the entrance to a grand estate for example. It can get the job done, but you are losing major style points no doubt about it! You usually don’t get that with vinyl!

Wipe of Dust & Stains      

We couldn’t finish out the page without talking about the low maintenance factor. If you stain wood or other types of materials you are going to have a problem. With vinyl, you can pretty much wipe off any stains that you may have. The fence is easy to clean and it is hard for it to lose its flair!

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