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If you are looking for a classy look on your property and a fence that you can be sure is going to stand the test of time fairly well, Wrought Iron Fencing and aluminium fencing and Gates could really be your best option on the market. We don’t want to sit here and say that if you don’t have these fences you are not fancy, or if you go with aluminum your cheap. As we always say we build different fences because we understand that each person is looking for a different fit!

True wrought iron fences are hand-shaped by blacksmiths or master craftsmen. They take time to produce and are usually custom created as needed, made to order. Most ornamental iron fences are machine-made. They can be manufactured in large quantities and bought/sold in bulk.

“Genuine” iron fences have not been commercially available since steel was popularized. However, you can still find the pieces needed to create a wrought iron fence, but rarely, if at all, will you find a true wrought iron fence manufacturer or mass producer.

Looking For Creative Freedom?

A lot of people end up coming to us after they have been somewhat disappointed by the options that they have found in other stores or sites. The fact that certain stores only offer a limited number of designs for their projects has led people to believe that you can’t really get creative with these types of fences. Needless to say, we strongly disagree with that. We believe that our customer should have total creative freedom when it comes to building these types of fences. You can choose the size the design, the color and pretty much anything in between there.

Iron Fences Against The Rain & The Sun

The main concern that we have from our customers is the durability factor. You know that these types of fences are known to be strong and tough, but there are certain materials that don’t do too well when put up against the sun and the rain. We have managed to overcome a lot of these problems pretty well we could say. There are fences that we built many, many years ago that are still in use today and still look great. We would love to get a chance to show you some of those examples so that you can decide for yourself if this is a good fit for you!

Electric Gates     

There are plenty of people out there that want to get these gates built to serve as the front gates for their homes. Now, we know that these days it is a little old fashioned to have to get out of your car, take out the keys and open the gate. The best thing that you could do is to install an automatic gate door opener. This is obviously something that we are also keen on helping you with. When we leave your home you are not only going to have a new gate you are going to be able to open it with the push of a button!

Maintenance Services

These gates are meant to not be overly high maintenance. That said, it is not a bad idea to get them looked at once a year. We can provide maintenance services to these types of gates even those gates that we did not build in the first place. So, give us a call and we can come in and give your gates somewhat of a tune-up from time to time!